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The MOST Cyber Security & Smart Technology R&D Building (R&D Building) is an innovation hub that houses government agencies, budding startups and established companies all under one roof. The R&D Building was constructed from 2016 to 2020 and officially opened on April 24, 2021.

This unique space gives private companies streamlined access to publicly sponsored services that facilitate innovation, R&D, and product validation. Such public-private sector collaboration has already turned the R&D Building into an important international hub for developing information security and smart technology.

Several venues within the R&D Building were especially designed to foster broader exchange. The ground floor contains a large 300-person conference hall, two 80-person meeting rooms and a large atrium on that can hold international exhibitions. In addition, the second floor has two meeting rooms, each able to accommodate 20-25 people.

This six-story structure holds both Taiwan Green and Intelligent Building Labels with Diamond Grade. Its 894-kW energy system, comprised of solar panels and wind turbines, can produce 748,000 kWh of green power per year. The R&D Building’s green energy system can reduce carbon emissions by 389 metric tons per year. This is the equivalent to the carbon absorption of Daan Forest Park, one of Taiwan’s largest urban green spaces. Other green innovations include a sophisticated energy management system and a tank that collects rainwater for the building’s landscaping.

The R&D Building is a living test site for smart technology, centered around a 5D visualization platform that integrates geographic information systems (GIS), building information modeling (BIM), and other technology. This comprehensive smart system connects the Cyber Security & Smart Technology R&D Building and the neighboring Taiwan CAR Lab to surrounding sensors.

These sensors help regulate air conditioning, lighting, security cameras, charging stations, solar panels, and seismometers. Technical teams can effortlessly access information from these integrated sensors to address issues as they arise in real time. Such innovations are actualizing the potential of smart technologies in a concrete setting.

The R&D Building is in Tainan’s Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City, which was established and constructed thanks to the collaboration of 13 government Ministries and agencies.

The Shalun Science City, conveniently located near the Tainan High Speed Rail Station, has become a hub for research teams focusing on information security and smart technology. In addition, this space serves as a venue for members of industry, academia and research to meet and collaborate.

In the future, the R&D Building and the Shalun Science City will facilitate innovations in information security and smart technology that will make the world a more connected and prosperous place for everyone.

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MOST Contact Person: Meng-ju Hsieh, Division Chief
TEL 02-2737-7117
E-mail mjhsieh@most.gov.tw
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